A Gift Guide for Cajun Food Lovers


Joyeux Noël—It’s that time of year again! Twinkling lights, smiling families and (most importantly) the smell of all that delicious holiday food coming from the kitchen.  

Cajun food is a great fit for the holiday season—mostly thanks to the sense of love and care that is involved in its preparation. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to be in the home of Cajun cuisine for the holidays, and many of us find ourselves far from our favorite foods during a time in which food holds so much importance. For someone living away from Cajun Country, receiving some cajun fare in time for Christmas can be just what the soul craves.


Gifts for Every Oc-Cajun

Whether you’re buying gifts for a displaced Cajun, a curious out-of-towner, or a local with little time on their hands, The Best Stop Supermarket is your one-stop shop for gifts! From Cajun meats to seasonings, we’ve got the perfect presents for the foodies in your life! We’re located in the heart of Acadiana in Scott, Louisiana, and our Cajun meats and other products are prepared here, too. If you’re not nearby, all of our products can be ordered and shipped from our online store. We believe in spreading the joy of Cajun cooking, whether that’s lovingly prepared food or those hard-to-find Cajun ingredients. Read on for some of our products that would make great gifts this Christmas!



Boudin is one of our best-selling meats—we sell over 2,000 pounds a day in a variety of types, sizes and shapes! Our traditional pork boudin is made with love in Louisiana with pork, pork liver, onions, bell peppers, and our house blend of Cajun seasoning. The mixture is ground, mixed with rice, green onions, more seasoning and stuffed in a natural casing. We also have chicken, crawfish, and shrimp boudin. This is a versatile product that can be cooked virtually every which way, and is also sold in mix form (great as a stuffing)!



Our cracklins are another one of our best sellers. They’re made from layers of pork skin, meat, and fat that are fried and spiced with The Best Stop seasoning. The result is a flavorful snack that gives the best of crunchy skin and tender meat. They’re so good, we sell 2,500 pounds of them per day! It’s the perfect gift for someone who enjoys a snack with a crunch and a kick.


Seasonings and Sauces

Next up are our selection of Cajun seasonings and sauces. They’re a great gift for cooks who want to add a taste of Acadiana to their dishes but might not have the time or ingredients to make it from scratch every time. 

The Best Stop Cajun seasoning is the same seasoning that we use in our boudin, andouille, seasoned meats, and cracklins. Our seasoning tends to be less salty than the alternatives and contains a slight sweetness, which complements our spice mix. We also have a garlic seasoning for garlic lovers.

Savoie’s Dark Roux is a versatile gift that can be used in traditional Cajun dishes such as gumbo. You can also add it to gravy for your holiday mashed potatoes. Making roux is time-consuming, but Savoie’s Dark Roux is ready-to-go for anyone craving a dish that’s loaded with Cajun flavor.


Tasso and Jerky

Tasso is hard to find outside of Cajun Country, but you can get it at The Best Stop Supermarket. This delicious meat is traditionally made from pork shoulder, heavily seasoned with Cajun spices. We have traditional pork tasso, turkey tasso, and a tasso that’s seasoned and marinated. These are great for a holiday get-together! Add a Cajun kick to your holiday dishes: combine tasso chunks with onions and green beans for a delicious green bean casserole or slice it to go on a holiday cheese platter. 

We also have beef jerky that is sold by the pound or quarter pound. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill jerky. It’s thinly sliced, seasoned, and smoked to perfection in our smokehouse. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer!



Be sure to check out our cookware section when shopping for your Cajun cooks. We carry all the essential tools for preparing roux, gumbo, and more! Shop from high-quality McWare stainless steel utensils and lightweight Caldero pots that are easy to cook in and clean. 

We also have hats, tumblers, and t-shirts for you to sport your Cajun pride at the next backyard crawfish boil. Best Stop merchandise is the ideal gift for a displaced resident of Acadiana!


Give a Taste of Home for the Holidays

If you’re feeling homesick for Acadiana or you want to send a bit of home to family or friends, stop by our shop in Scott, or check out our online store. We’d be happy to see you this holiday season or send you something from our Cajun kitchen!

Everyone here at The Best Stop wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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