Christmas With The Cormiers: A Celebration of Faith, Family, and Flavor

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For the Cormier family, who run the well-known Best Stop Supermarket, the holiday season is a special time. This is when their busy family business takes a breather to enjoy the holidays with the people and food they love. Their Christmas traditions are built on three things they value most: faith, family, and food. Read on as we share a glimpse of the Cormier Cajun Christmas.

The Holiday Meal

In the Cormier family kitchen, Christmas is a time for hearty laughs, warm conversations, and of course, delicious food.  Their holiday table is a testament to their love for good, honest Cajun cuIsine. Among the holiday favorites of potato salad, smothered cabbage, smoked sausage, and rice dressing, an unusual yet loved dish forms the centerpiece: Stuffed Beef Tongue. This dish is something all Cormier siblings eagerly anticipate.

“We fight for the tip!” says Penny, giggling at the family’s competitive spirit.

The Cormier Family’s Christmas: Treasured Memories and Traditions

As with many families during Christmas time, the Cormiers also have an array of cherished traditions. Whenever they come together, a spirited game of Booray typically ensues, a practice that Dana particularly enjoys. This light-hearted competition adds a layer of fun to the celebration. Other traditions lean towards the serene side: Penny loves when the family forms a circle to say grace before their holiday meal.

The joy of gift-giving also holds a special place in their festivities. Nicky cherishes the delight of watching the children open their presents, their faces filled with excitement and wonder. But the culmination of their Christmas celebration is a heartwarming tradition loved by all the siblings. The youngest family members bring out baby Jesus to put Him in the manager while everyone joins in to sing Happy Birthday. This poignant moment brings together Cormier’s love, faith, and unity, perfectly encapsulating the essence of their Christmas celebration.

A Time to Give Thanks

The Cormier family’s Christmas celebrations, firmly anchored in their Catholic faith, embody deep-seated gratitude towards their family, friends, and community. Dana and Damon both extend their appreciation to their loyal customers and the dedicated team at the Best Stop, integral to their journey. Their gratitude further extends to their family, with Nicky cherishing their shared faith, love for Jesus, and the presence of her parents and 94 years young grandmother. Penny, in the same vein of appreciation, feels blessed by the diverse talents within their family, which continually provide for their needs.

A Cajun Christmas

The Cormier family’s Christmas celebration is all about faith, family love, and the tasty flavors of Cajun cuisine. Their story is a special mix of family traditions, shared memories, and the delicious Cajun dishes they serve their customers at the Best Stop. As we dive into the holiday season, let’s remember the Cormier family’s way of celebrating Christmas – it’s all about faith, family, and good food!

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