A Commitment to Quality – Part II

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Expanding Horizons: Building a World-Class Wholesale Boudin Facility

As The Best Stop’s reputation for quality and flavor spread far beyond the borders of Scott, Louisiana, the need to expand to meet demand became less of a dream and more of a necessity. This led to the establishment of a world-class wholesale boudin facility, a crucial step in ensuring that The Best Stop’s Cajun Specialty Meats could be enjoyed by even more people.

In 2020, The Best Stop proudly opened its 15,000-square-foot facility, which is USDA-certified to distribute a range of wholesale products throughout all 50 U.S. states. This decision was not taken lightly; it was grounded in the same principals that Uncle Brud and Robert Cormier held dear from the very beginning – a commitment to delivering the finest specialty meats while upholding the traditions and flavors of Cajun cuisine. The new chapter allowed The Best Stop to serve restaurants, stores, and curious cajun enthusiasts nationwide with the same dedication to quality and authenticity that gained from their reputation.

“Change can be daunting for folks like us who really hold on to our traditions,” said Penny Gennuso“Through the whole process, we were determined to uphold our recipes and way of doing business while expanding our capacity to serve a broader audience. Our state-of- the-art boudin facility allows us to serve more people with no sacrifice to the quality of our product or service.”

Just as our core values drive our everyday operations, this expansion was rooted in our mission to produce and distribute the best Cajun specialty food across America, sharing our culture and southern hospitality while serving good quality food with quick, courteous, and friendly service in a clean facility.

Franchise Partnerships: Expanding the Best Stop Family

While the wholesale facility allowed for national shipping to customers, shops, and restaurants nationwide, growing the Best Stop through franchises allowed more people to get a taste of the original Best Stop experience as a small community supermarket. Just as Uncle Brud and Robert turned an empty lot into a culinary haven, these partnerships have transformed dreams into reality for aspiring entrepreneurs who share a passion for authentic Cajun flavors.

These franchisees are not just business partners; they’re part of The Best Stop family, committed to upholding the same standards of quality and tradition that have defined the brand since the beginning.

Robbie Abrusley, one of the franchise owners in Texas, was excited to bring a little slice of Louisiana to Texas. “I’m actually from Louisiana,” said Abrusley “I’ve known The Best Stop for 20 years, and their Cajun Meats are by far the best. I was really excited for the opportunity to bring their products here to Texas where there’s definitely a market.”

Not only are the best Stop recipes unchanged, all franchise owners go through intense training “The Best Stop Way” before setting up their own stores. The core values and commitment to quality service are just as much a part of the Best Stop as their award-winning signature boudin.

Our Core Values:

  • Customers First
  • Working as a Team
  • Treating Each Other with Respect
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Celebrating Success
  • Taking Initiative
  • Valuing Character
  • Avoiding Gossip
  • Not Dropping the Ball
  • Thinking Outside the Box

These values all guide us in forming these partnerships and ensuring that the Best Stop experience remains consistent and exceptional.

Quality, No Matter the Scale

In the world of business, growth often comes with the temptation to compromise on quality for the sake of expansion. However, The Best Stop remains steadfast in its commitment to providing the best, no matter how large it grows. The same dedication to crafting exceptional Cajun specialty meats that Uncle Brud and Robert  poured into their first batch of boudin continues to be the driving force behind every product that bears The Best Stop name.

As The Best Stop continues to grow, the essence of quality, family, and authenticity remains unaltered. The journey from that vacant lot in Scott to a nationwide operation is a testament to the enduring appeal of genuine Cajun flavors and the unwavering commitment to serving friends, family, and food enthusiasts with the very best.

As a fan, you’re a part of our family too, cher! Thank you for supporting us as we continue on this amazing journey

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