Keep it Cajun: Cajun Food that Fits Your New Year’s Diet


After the holidays and celebrations are over, many people treat the New Year as an opportunity to refocus their goals and start a new diet. Cajun food is a fantastic decadent food that can fit right into the holidays, but when carefully selected and enjoyed in moderation—it can also be a part of a New Year’s diet.

Here at Best Stop in Scott, you can find Cajun foods that are diet-friendly to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions while still enjoying a taste of Cajun Country. Cajun local foods and meats are our specialties. Our passion is spreading the joys of Cajun cuisine to everyone—whether they are a native Cajun, expat or curious out-of-towner. We want everyone, even those trying to be a little healthier, to be able to experience the Cajun food that we love. Check out all these ways that you can fit Cajun food into a New Year’s diet.  



These tasty and crunchy Cajun classics are not only delicious, but an excellent choice for people on a low carb, high-protein diet such as keto or Atkins. Avoiding empty calories is a breeze with cracklins. You can enjoy them the same way you enjoy potato chips, but they’re far better for your diet. Use cracklins to fill your snacking cravings, or as a substitute for high-carb cooking ingredients such as breadcrumbs or breading for fried foods. We sell them by the half pound and as pre-cooked pieces ready for the fryer (they’re pretty good cold, too). Ours are seasoned with our finger-licking, zero-calorie Cajun seasoning.   


Tasso and Jerky

Other high-protein options are our tasso and jerky. These are sliced, smoked, and spiced with Cajun flavor. Use them as toppers for steamed vegetable and seafood dishes or simmer them in broth. A little goes a long way with these rich meats, which makes them perfect for someone looking to cut back a little.   


Skinny Roux

There’s no point in dieting if you have to give up gumbo right in the middle of winter—but you can make it a little healthier! A good roux is important for a tasty gumbo, but a traditional roux is rich in gluten and high in carbs. Try our skinny roux, which is made with avocado oil and almond flour to fit a healthier diet. It’s gluten-free, low in carbs and perfect for diets such as keto, whole30 and paleo—yet it has the same great taste as a traditional roux. Just use it as you would a typical roux in your stews, gumbos and gravies!  



Not everyone is looking to ditch the gluten and carbs for their New Year’s diet. Some of us are more than happy to keep the grains—but maybe want to ease up on the amount of meat we eat each week. While boudin traditionally uses pork products, the Best Stop carries options for people looking to cut down on pork or red meat without having to say goodbye to boudin. Try our crawfish or shrimp varieties offered by Cajun Original Foods, which serve as a great alternative to pork boudin while still using the same bold spices and flavors you love. We also carry locally sourced crawfish tails, which is an authentic Louisiana way to get your protein without beef or pork (and saves you the trouble of peeling, too). Use them in a gumbo full of vegetables and our skinny roux to make a healthy dish that tastes of Cajun country.   


Stuffed Vegetables and Chicken

We also have several vegetable and chicken products that can help you cut down on pork and red meat. Our peppers stuffed with seafood dressing make a tasty Cajun dish that doesn’t contain meat. If you’re just looking to get a bit more poultry in your diet, try our chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese spinach or a chicken stuffed with crawfish etouffée. These are great options to cut down on red meat without cutting down on good eats.   



Alligator meat is another authentic but often overlooked healthy option. It’s a lean meat that is high in protein, iron, and B-12 but low in saturated fats and cholesterol. It has a taste and texture that has been compared to chicken, fish, or even beef. We sell alligator legs in two-pound packs that you can pair with our zero-calorie Cajun spices. If you’re apprehensive, try dipping your toes in with Farm Pride’s alligator tail and pork sausage mix.  


Keep it Up—But Keep it Cajun

We’re happy to join you on this journey to a healthier lifestyle and show you that you don’t have to miss out on the joys of Cajun food in the process. It’s important to remember that no matter what you choose to eat while you’re watching your waistline—moderation is key! While highly restrictive diets are unhealthy and difficult to maintain, enjoying the foods you love in smaller quantities is a significant part of learning healthy habits; and a little exercise doesn’t go amiss either (ugh, we know).

The Best Stop Supermarket is a one-stop shop for specialty meats, sausages, seafood, and spices. We hope to see you if you’re near Scott, Louisiana. If you can’t make it—don’t worry! We have everything you need to satisfy your Cajun palate here in our online store. We ship our Louisiana-made products nationwide. From our family to yours, we’re wishing you a joyous year and good luck on your New Year’s diet!

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