A Primer For Stuffed Food


Whether you’re getting ready to prep for the holidays or you simply want to provide something exciting for Sunday dinner, The Best Stop Supermarket has you covered with a wide range of stuffed food. From stuffed chicken thighs to our legendary boudin-stuffed turducken, there are plenty of tasty stuffed food options that’ll leave you feeling stuffed too!


Deboned Chicken Stuffed with Boudin or Crawfish and Shrimp

Imagine slicing into a deboned, whole chicken only to find even more savory Cajun goodness inside. The Best Stop’s stuffed, deboned chickens are loaded with your choice of pork, boudin or a delicious seafood crawfish and shrimp rice dressing. Whatever you prefer, all of the options are perfect for impressing guests who may be unfamiliar with Cajun cuisine! Best of all, our stuffed food is made with only the best ingredients sourced from local farms.


Stuffed Pork Chops

You can save time in the kitchen by grabbing a few of our ready-made famous stuffed pork chops. These thick pork chops are stuffed with ground, seasoned pork meat and then seasoned with The Best Stop seasoning on the outside. We recommend cooking them on the BBQ pit for a smoky flavor or tucked inside a browning bag for an hour and a half in the oven.

If you want to cook your own stuffed food, it’s a good idea to start with our seasoned ground pork to ensure you get the Cajun flare that you’re after!


Stuffed Chicken Thighs

If you’re looking for a refreshing meal that is light on calories, then you’re in the wrong place, because we can’t think of anything more decadent than our stuffed chicken thighs. Stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and seasoned with Best Stop seasoning, these hearty thighs don’t play around. We recommend throwing them on the grill for best results, but they can also be prepared in the oven!



Yeah, you read that right. Turducken. By far our most ambitious stuffed product, the turducken is a seasonal Cajun delicacy that consists of tender duck breast stuffed inside of a deboned chicken, which is then stuffed inside of a turkey. But we don’t stop there! Our spin on the turducken also includes an extra layer of stuffing using your choice of boudin, seafood, pork or onion, for the ultimate Frankenbird. 

To achieve the perfect level of crispiness on the outside and juiciness on the inside, we recommend baking turducken in the oven for three hours covered and then another hour uncovered (similar to how you would cook a normal turkey).

If you have been looking forward to making your turducken from scratch, you can get our fresh boudin and other ingredients delivered to your door (just remember to remove the boudin from the casing). Be sure to pick up a deboned chicken and duck breast, too!


Stuffed Bell Pepper

Not all stuffed food needs to be decadent! Our stuffed bell peppers are a healthy option and are packed with flavor thanks to our famous sausage and seafood dressing, complimented by a nicely paired blend of seasoning.

If you want to stuff the peppers on your own, follow our guide here. You’ll also find some other healthy Cajun recipes!


Stuffed Duck Breast

Enjoy a unique dish with our stuffed duck breast. We stuff our seasoned duck breasts with cream cheese and then wrap them in bacon, similar to our stuffed chicken thighs. They are incredibly easy to grill or bake, making them perfect a meal for the next big game!

The Best Stop allows you to buy a number of unique and delicious stuffed items prepared for you, or take the homemade approach with our specialty meats. Count on The Best Stop for the freshest Cajun ingredients, delivered to your doorstep from our online store.


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