Sit and Savor at the New Best Stop Kitchen and Dining Area

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As you’ve probably seen the last few years, we’ve been hard at work bringing our award-winning Cajun Speciality meats to fans across the country through wholesale partnerships, our online store and franchise opportunities. We may be growing outward, but we’re still just as dedicated to our locals and visitors that got us where we are today. We’ve been working to improve our homebase starting with expanding The Best Stop Kitchen from a grab-n-go to a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy a delicious Cajun meal with friends and family.

More to Love at the Best Stop Kitchen and Dining Area

In 2021, we expanded The Best Stop Kitchen to serve you better. Some additional space and new equipment allowed us to add several new items to our menu. While still offering boudin, cracklins, and other fried favorites, our now expansive menu has everything from bbq and breakfast sandwiches to gumbo and crawfish étouffée plate lunches and all your favorite goodies in between! 

Stay a While at the New Best Stop Kitchen and Dining Area

Everybody knows that The Best Stop food is best enjoyed hot-hot. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our brand new enclosed dining room, providing you with the perfect space to enjoy your meal the moment it is served. Now, you can step inside our inviting dining area, take a seat at one of our comfortable tables, and enjoy. No more eating in your car or drooling at the bag in the passenger seat the whole ride home!

A Fresh Look

With all that hard work on the inside, it felt like a good time to give our exterior a little facelift to match. We’re thrilled to share that we recently collaborated with the talented artist, Oleus the Artist, to give The Best Stop a fresh new look. Therefore, this incredible mural perfectly represents our commitment to excellence and the flavors that make us the #BESTBOUDINSTOP.

See for yourself

There you have it, folks! The Best Stop is growing, evolving, and serving up more deliciousness than ever before. From our expanded kitchen ton our new vibrant exterior and welcoming dining area, we’re all about creating the best experience for our fans. But don’t just take our word for it, come on by!


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