A Commitment to Quality – Part 1

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From An Empty Lot off LA-93

In the mid-80s, during a challenging period for Louisiana’s economy, Robert Cormier and Lawrence Menard (affectionately known as Uncle Brud) found themselves in a vacant parking lot in Scott, Louisiana. Both in need of additional income, they made a plan to build a little Cajun supermarket called “The Best Stop”.

This vacant lot was soon transformed and The Best Stop Supermarket opened its doors on November 1, 1986. Working tirelessly seven days a week, Robert and Uncle Brud meticulously crafted their signature offerings, including the award-winning boudin, cracklins, sausage, specialty meats, and an array of signature Cajun seasonings known today. An essential contributor to this venture was Mrs. Jerry Prejean Hovatta, who not only provided recipes, but also prayed a rosary daily for their success. This collaborative effort created an establishment that stands today as a testament to their vision, hard work, and commitment to their Cajun roots.

A Foundation of Flavor

The goal was simple: to provide the best specialty meats in Louisiana while creating a brand that their families could be proud of. This mission was woven into every product and experience The Best Stop offered. Fast forward three decades of awards, partnerships and growth and its clear that their commitment to quality has stood the test of time.

Today, the Best Stop Supermarket is more than a local gem; its a culinary landmark that draws flavor seekers from every corner and provides Cajun specialty meats to restaurants, stores and fans nationwide. Robert Cormier aptly puts it, “You can fool most people, most of the time, but you can’t fool their taste buds. If they like something, they’ll come back.”

A Family Tradition with Commitment to Quality

The Best Stop isn’t just a business; it’s a family. Walk into The Best Stop and you’ll likely run into familiar faces – the Cormier family. As the business grew, more help was needed and Mr. Robert’s children stepped up to build the Best Stop into what it is today. Coming from all different backgrounds and careers, the Cormiers are now all an active part of the family business.

“We are truly blessed with the continued love and support of our little business off Interstate 10,” Penny Cormier reflects. From Louisiana’s heart to the expanse of the US, everyone who savors The Best Stop’s specialty meats becomes a part of our extended family.

So, here’s to quality that comes from passion, a family that’s united by flavors, and a vision that was made real through hard work and a commitment to quality. Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll delve deeper into how we’ve maintained our commitment to quality as we’ve grown – and how we intend to stick to that same quality as we continue to expand. Until next time, cher!

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