Your Tailgate Checklist

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Tailgating season is here, and The Best Stop has all the boudin, smoked sausage shredded tasso and marinated chicken you need to create the ultimate game-day party for your family and friends. We’ve put together a must-have checklist to help make sure you’re ready to tackle any tailgate party this football season!

A Good Grill & The Best Grub

Let’s start with the essentials: Here in Cajun Country, we go big, big. Your tailgate grill had better be up to par or you’ll never hear the end of it—no small grills allowed here! You want something that gives you plenty of room to cook a variety of our specialty meats seasoned with our very own Best Stop Garlic seasoning, guaranteed to kick your taste buds a notch!

You also need to take into account how many people will be eating. After all, we know you gonna be feeding ya mom and dem! You better count on extra company stopping by when you fire up our smoked sausage or pre-seasoned specialty meats.

Don’t forget—no tailgate is complete without our award-winning boudin made by mixing a little pork (liver, too), peppers and onions. We cook that and mix it with rice, green onions and more of our secret family seasonings. Finally, all that delicious goodness is stuffed in a sausage casing.

Looking to impress the crew? We got you covered—this tasty boudin dip recipe comes from our dear, family friend Yvonne Menard and is a bonafide crowd-pleaser. For this dip, you’ll need:

  • 3 links of The Best Stop boudin
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 lb. of Velveeta cheese

Remove The Best Stop boudin from its casing and cube the cheese. Mix the boudin, cheese and cream of mushroom soup in microwave-safe bowl and microwave for five minutes. Repeat this process until all the cheese is melted. Once the cheese is melted, give it one more mix and serve with crackers or chips. Can we say, ça c’est bon!

Your Favorite Team’s Gear

You can’t throw a tailgate party without sporting the colors of your favorite local team. Whether you’re a house divided or loyalist, wear your team jerseys, hats and other accessories loud and proud.

Tailgate Party Games

The best games for your tailgate party are ones that embrace our friendly (and sometimes very competitive) spirit. Our personal favorite: cornhole, of course!

Music Is A Must

Food and music go hand-in-hand, and nothing beats the sound of a little toe-tappin’ Cajun and Zydeco music. Blast your favorite tailgate playlist to get the party started and the people dancing!

Chairs, Tables, Utensils, Oh My!

Cajuns never eat alone. We love to share what we have. Load up plenty of lawn chairs so everyone has a place to sit. There’s sure to be a line as your friends smell that smoked sausage from The Best Stop on the grill—we suggest the pepper jack cheese or deer and brisket links.

Stack up on plastic utensils and paper products for your guests—although our favorite food grabbers are located right below our knuckles.

A hot beer is a sad beer. Don’t let your people down and keep those drinks ice cold in the cooler of your choice. We recommend at least two coolers—one for the adults and one for the kids.

Pro tip: Coolers can also be used for sitting AND sipping.

So, there you are—our top things you need for a guaranteed tailgate party win. All you need to do now is visit The Best Stop to stock up on specialty meats and boudin party trays! We’d be more than happy to help you make sure you’re game day ready. Contact us or stop by our store today.



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