What Makes Our Boudin and Cracklins the Best


When it comes to authentic Cajun tastes, boudin, and cracklins are hard to beat. The Best Stop prides itself on making delicious food that celebrates Louisiana culture. Everyone has their own family recipe and seasonings that make their boudin and cracklins the best, so we make sure ours stands out from the crowd by staying true to tradition.

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The History of Cracklins and Boudin

Here in Louisiana, we respect our Cajun culture. To us, it means a simple way of life that celebrates good food, music, and good company. Our ancestors lived just that way, and boudin and cracklins are part of that rich tradition.

It all started with boucheries, a colorful Cajun word for an all-day cookout. You see, back in the old days, it was common for Cajuns to get together and roast a whole pig. We’d celebrate with a little drinking, a little dancing and a whole lot of eating.

We don’t let anything go to waste, either—that’s how boudin and cracklins came to be. Every part of the pig is put to good use.

Today, we still throw boucheries, and our favorite foods are still on the menu. Just drive through our neck of the woods and you’re sure to catch the fresh aroma of cracklins and boudin being prepared, fresh every day at The Best Stop.

Making Our Boudin and Cracklins

Boudin is one of our best sellers. We sell about 2,000 pounds of it every day, and people drive a long way to get it. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can order some right now and we’ll ship it straight to your door.

For our boudin, we start by taking a little pork meat, some pork liver and all those good peppers and onions we love. It’s the same, staple ingredients we’ve used for years.

All of that is cooked and mixed with rice, green onions and more of our famous seasonings. Then, we stuff it in a sausage casing. You can purchase all of our boudin by the pound.

Our cracklins are made from cube-sized pieces of pork skin. We drop these tasty chunks of skin, fat, and meat into hog lard and fry ’em up for about an hour before letting them cool.

We store them in our insulated ice chests until they are ready to sell (or eat), and our special Best Stop seasoning mix is added to the top for a taste you’ll always remember. We sell around 2,500 pounds a day of our “brown bag specials” to hundreds of smiling faces!

Our Award-Winning Foods Are The Best In Louisiana

We’re not just tootin’ our horn for the sake of being loud, either. The Times of Acadiana named our boudin one of the best of 2018 more than 20 times!

But don’t take our word for it. Stop by our store for a fresh bag of cracklins or get some of our famous boudin shipped right to your (or your loved one’s) door—it’ll be the best package you’ll ever receive, guaranteed!

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