No Such Thing As Leftover Boudin

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Here in Louisiana, we don’t let good food go to waste. That’s especially true with our award-winning boudin prepared fresh at The Best Stop Supermarket. We sell more than two thousand pounds of this delicious Cajun treat every day, so you could call us experts on the best way to enjoy boudin – and especially leftover boudin.


It All Starts with the Best Ingredients

While there’s no substitute for fresh boudin, we’re not ones to turn down a reheated link…or three. In fact, many customers like to purchase a few pounds at a time and warm up the leftover boudin.

At The Best Stop, our boudin is made from fresh, high-quality ingredients every day. Savory pork meat, onions, and bell peppers are cooked along with a little pork liver and our own special blend of seasonings. You can be certain that the boudin you order is made fresh, and that means it’ll taste great no matter where or when you eat it!


How to Reheat Leftover Boudin by Steaming it

Just because you can reheat boudin in the microwave, doesn’t mean you should. If you want the taste of fresh boudin, we recommend steaming your leftover links in a pot with about an inch of water.

Just let that water come to a boil and put a steamer basket in the pot. You can then put your boudin in the basket, cover the pot and steam the links—just make sure the water is below your boudin. Let the boudin steam for about 10 minutes and you’ll have just the right warmth without losing any of the flavors. It’ll taste just like it did when we made it, and it sure does make the kitchen smell good!


How to Boil Boudin For Best Results

If you don’t have a steaming basket, we also have had a lot of success boiling our boudin. It comes out evenly cooked and is overall less messy than other methods, and best of all—it’s easy to do!

Just place a few pieces of uncut boudin in boiling water and let the water return to a boil. To test for doneness, lightly squeeze a link. If the boudin casing bounces back, then it’s done cooking. If it stays depressed, then it needs more time to cook. This typically takes about 10 to 12 minutes and the internal temperature should reach 165 degrees.


How to Reheat Leftover Boudin In the Oven

The only other method we would recommend for reheating leftover boudin is warming it in a conventional oven. Set the heat on about 325 degrees, spread the boudin out on a shallow pan and cover it with baking foil. Leave your boudin in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, but keep a close eye on it! Too long in the oven and you’ll wind up with dry leftover boudin. Mais la!


Recipes for Leftover Boudin

Whether you eat your boudin with crackers—a classic combination—or experiment with something special, we believe that there’s no wrong way to eat leftover boudin.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to eat leftover boudin:

  • Make a sandwich with some fresh Evangeline Maid bread—we recommend a boudin grilled cheese, and if you’re feeling fancy, throw in a spoonful of pepper jelly for an extra kick!
  • Substitute boudin for traditional stuffing mixture for the best stuffed bell peppers
  • Stuff your pork chops or chicken for an extra layer of flavor
  • Add it to your breakfast omelet, biscuit or grits
  • Use it as a pizza topping
  • Make boudin-loaded fries

But the very best way to enjoy boudin—leftover or fresh—is by sharing it with your family and friends! Next time you visit The Best Stop Supermarket, let us know your favorite way to eat leftover boudin.



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