The Best Stop: The Story Behind a Local Legend


When it comes to delivering the authentic tastes of South Louisiana, The Best Stop is in a league of its own. This family-owned and run country store has built a reputation based on the values that thrive in Cajun Country. The locals around Scott, Louisiana, have been in on the secret for more than 30 years, but today, we’re sharing that secret with the world.

Here’s the story of a little country store that became a legend.

The Humble Beginnings Of The Best Stop

Family has always been important to the Cajun people who call South Louisiana home. It’s not uncommon to still see many small businesses in the region that are operated by third or fourth generation family members. The Best Stop followed this great tradition when opening their small supermarket in 1986.

Robert Cormier and Lawrence Menard had a straightforward goal when they created The Best Stop. The mission was to provide the best specialty meats in Louisiana while creating a brand that their families could be proud of. Thirty years later, it’s clear that the mission has been a success.

Today, The Best Stop not only serves the local community in and around Scott,they also provide their award-winning meats to grocers, food distributors and online shoppers across the country.

Why The Best Stop Is Unique

There are several factors that make The Best Stop stand out when it comes to excellence in specialty meats. First and foremost is its enduring popularity among locals. Everyone in the area knows that “the little red brick building” is no better place to get boudin, cracklins, smoked sausage and other Louisiana staples.

The Best Stop has regularly been honored with awards for the Best Boudin in Louisiana, and people drive from Texas and Mississippi just to get a taste. Everything produced by the supermarket is created from the freshest ingredients, and flavored with The Best Stop’s own Garlic Seasoning—that special mixture of spices that makes everything taste better!

Of course, the way the supermarket treats its customers is something else that makes The Best Stop unique. Everyone who purchases specialty meats from The Best Stop, whether it be in person or online, becomes a member of the extended family.

Stop in today or order online to discover why the Times of Acadiana, Houston Press and other publications have proclaimed The Best Stop to be one of the best places for boudin, cracklins and more in South Louisiana.

What You Can Expect From The Best Stop

Thanks to the internet, you can now order specialty meats from The Best Stop and have them delivered right to your home. Just like the locals, you’ll be getting the same great quality and service when you order online.

Expect delicious meats like marinated chicken and smoked sausage, delivered seasoned and ready to go. All you need to do is the cooking. There is also hog head cheese, seafood pies, and of course, boudin! You can even get their high-in-demand Cajun Seasoning for use at home. Trust us, it’s good on everything!

When you visit the Best Stop Supermarket you will always find a friendly, helpful face, ready to answer any questions you may have. When visiting the flagship location, chances are you’ll see the familiar faces from the Cormier family each time you go—even Mr. Robert makes a special appearance from time to time! They can help you choose just the right meats for your next cookout.

It’s no wonder why people come back to The Best Stop again and again for their specialty meats. You just can’t beat the quality or the customer service. Try it today and you’ll find it hard to trust any other name for authentic specialty Cajun meats.

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