Ninja Foodi Mini Roast Recipe


Photo: Customer submission by Jordon Konow
Recipe: Employee submission by Lindy Myers


Cajun or not, every person that cooks has some type of small kitchen appliance they faithfully use to get a quick meal on the table. And with our team member, Lindy Myers’, mini roast recipe, you can put your Ninja Foodi to work to get that slow-n-low texture you want in less than 2 hours! Stuffed with bell peppers, onion and garlic and seasoned with our signature blend⁠—this meal packs all the flavor with nearly half the effort. Perfect for weeknights, lazy sundays and basically anytime you want a wholesome meal in a snap. Serve it with rice and a side of veggies for a complete dinner that can’t be beat! 




1 pack of Best Stop Mini Roasts

1 large yellow onion

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 can chicken stock

2 cans water 

Best Stop Original Seasoning




  1. Set Foodi to sauté on high.
  2. Add tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  3. Brown mini roast on all sides.
  4. Remove roast.
  5. Sauté onions.
  6. Add 1 can of chicken stock and 2 cans water.
  7. Season to taste with Best Stop Original Seasoning.
  8. Place mini roast in pot.
  9. Put pressure cooking lid on Foodi.
  10. Pressure cook on high for 60 minutes.
  11. All to release naturally for minutes.
  12. Vent the rest of the steam.
  13. Serve and enjoy.

*If the gravy is too thin, add cornstarch in water to the pot and boil on high until desired consistency.

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