Let’s Get Cookin’

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In South Louisiana, our best memories are made in the kitchen and around the table with friends and family. That history and love produce a special quality in Cajun cuisine that you can taste. As we work to provide our authentic boudin and Cajun specialty meats to more families across the nation looking to get a taste of Cajun country, we wanted to ensure that no part of this special flavor is lost in translation.

With quality in mind, we have added cooking instructions to all of our available raw products online. These instructions can be found next to the description and additional information sections under each product. Just place your order, follow the cooking instructions and every meal should taste like it was made by Mrs. Brunella herself! 

In addition to updating our products with instructions, we have also added a handy tool to help you find Best Stop products near you! Check out our Partner Map—Best Stop products may be closer than you think! 

Happy cooking!



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