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The Best Stop Supermarket has been the go-to place in South Louisiana for Cajun specialty meats since 1986. Tucked away in the small town of Scott, The Best Stop supplies local cooks and Cajuns nationwide who strive for exceptional gumbo, gravy, boudin balls or any rich and savory Cajun dish made with sausage or filets of pork, beef, poultry or even alligator.

Cajun specialty meats, seasonings and other Cajun staples are found at the main supermarket while our Express location doles out hot plates and breakfast biscuits with Acadiana flair. If you can’t come in and see us, our online store makes it that much easier to get your hands on the best of The Best Stop. Let’s check out a few of our top shelf eats.

Top Sellers at The Best Stop Supermarket

Our boudin is so popular that we sell about two thousand pounds per day. Delicious pork meat, a bit of pork liver, onion, bell peppers and salt and spices are mixed together and cooked down to perfection. Once cooked, the mixture is ground and mixed with rice, more spices and green onions before being fed into natural pork casing and made into links. This bayou classic is best fresh, but can be steamed, fried into boudin balls or grilled for extra flavor.

Andouille sausage is a staple in Cajun cooking, so it’s no surprise it’s one of our top sellers. The irresistible texture and taste of this sausage is a result of the pork meat being ground roughly, only once, then seasoned to perfection with The Best Stop seasoning and curing salt. Stuffed into beef casing, this sausage is perfect for cooking into red beans or gumbo.

It’s important not to forget cracklins, either. We sell about 2,500 pounds of these babies per day! The crunchy poppers are made from cubed pieces of layered pork skin, fat and meat. They’re fried in hot hog lard for about an hour and re-fried to order, finished with The Best Stop seasoning.

Top Sellers at The Best Stop Express

Best Stop Express is over on Daulaut Drive in Duson. It features all of the hot and ready Cajun foods you love, including plate lunches, burgers and biscuits prepared to order and ready to enjoy.

The Dana Burger is the top seller: it’s a quarter-pound of spicy beef seasoned with The Best Stop’s own seasoning blend and topped with fresh jalapenos, then cheese and melted to perfection. Finally, lettuce, tomato, and onions go on before being sandwiched by a toasted bun. It’s served with some of the best french fries, too.

There’s also our Chicken Burger, which is made with freshly ground chicken and topped with all the fixins. You can even make it your own and add an extra patty or a scoop of chili on top.

It’s hard to forget about Brunella’s Biscuit, either. This breakfast special features a fried egg, boudin, and bacon on a freshly baked Best Stop biscuit. It’s then drizzled with syrup to make it simply irresistible.

Best Staff Recipes

Many of our staff members have worked with us since the very beginning. When you want to know about the best of The Best Stop, they’ll be the first ones to tell you.

There’s so much you can do with all the different flavors and textures of our fresh sausage. In addition to the pork, beef, and chicken, we offer other flavors and ingredients. Hannah loves to take the cheesy sausage out of the casing for her spaghetti and meat sauce, while Danee takes the meat out of the brisket and deer sausage casings to make her famous hamburger patties.

Just about everything is sprinkled with love using The Best Stop Cajun seasoning. Ashley recommends seasoning pork steaks in gravy with it.

Of course, who could forget the Best Stop famous boudin. We have staff members that take the smoked version out of the casing to use in scrambled eggs, others who use leftover boudin for morning omelets, and still more who say it’s best on a breakfast sandwich with Evangeline Maid bread. Some even use it to stuff pork chops, bell peppers, and mushrooms.

No matter where you are, Cajun cooking is simply better when you use the right ingredients. Stop by the Supermarket, Express or the online store and find out why we’re the best option for all things Cajun.



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