Your Acadiana Hit List: 5 Things to See When Visiting South Louisiana in the Summer


The sun’s out over Cajun country; it’s summertime! While we’re sad to wave goodbye to the milder spring season, we’re more than happy to welcome all the fun and excitement that summer brings (but definitely not the heat)! If you’re considering paying south Louisiana a visit during this sunny season, then we have a few worthwhile vacation recommendations we’d like to share with you:


1. Lake Martin

We get it, Louisiana summers are hot. It’s hard enough hanging out in the heat for a few hours, let alone a full day. Fortunately, those looking to stay cool all day long while enjoying the iconic southern beauty of Acadiana need look no further than our very own Lake Martin.

Just outside of Breaux Bridge and easily reachable by car, Lake Martin provides plenty of shade from the sun in the form of a canopy of beautiful cypress trees. If lounging around isn’t your style, Lake Martin is a popular spot for canoeing, swimming or hiking. If you’d like to learn more about Lake Martin tourism, check out this website.

2. Downtown Lafayette

For those looking to enjoy an exciting urban sprawl through the heart of Cajun country, we suggest visiting downtown Lafayette. Voted in 2014 as America’s happiest city by Wall Street Journal’s, Lafayette has developed a reputation for letting the good times roll.

Smack dab in the center of Acadiana, Lafayette serves as a cultural and commercial hub for the surrounding area. There’s no shortage of delicious restaurants, breathtaking art galleries and exciting nightlife to check out. Follow the link to learn more about all the fun things there are to do in downtown Lafayette.

3. Avery Island

Home of TABASCO brand hot sauce, Avery Island has been owned by the McIlhenny family for over five generations. Lush, vibrant subtropical flora populate roughly 2,200 acres of this salt dome “island” which rises above south Louisiana’s flat coastal marshes.

Avery Island is open to the public year-round, along with the TABASCO factory, the Jungle Gardens exhibit, and the Bird City wildfowl refuge. To learn more about Avery Island tourism information, visit their website.

4. Parish Brewing

Located in Broussard, Louisiana, Parish Brewing has been brewing and distributing top-quality craft beer since 2008. Known first for their locally-popular wheat ale, Canebrake, Parish Brewing has gained worldwide attention with the critical success of their IPA’s Envie and Ghost in the Machine.

Parish Brewing has a taproom where visitors can taste a wide array of tasty brews, which is open to the public every day of the week except Sunday. Also, they offer free brewery tours on Saturday where curious participants can see firsthand how Parish Brewing crafts their beloved brews! Visit their site to see tour schedules, beer info and more!

5. Vermilionville

For the history buffs out there, we suggest checking out the enchanting Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife park. Located in a beautiful tree-laden 23-acre site along the banks of the Bayou Vermillion, Vermillionville offers over 19 attractions including seven restored original homes with costumed artisans.

Visit Vermilionville to learn all about Acadian, Creole and Native American cultures from the time period between 1765 – 1890. Don’t worry about planning your visit around lunch either, because Vermilionville offers an authentic taste of traditional Cajun cuisine at their on-site restaurant La Cuisine de Maman. With so much to do, you’ll want to plan your trip well over at their website!

6. The Best Stop Supermarket

I know we said we’d only give you 5 places to visit, but in true Cajun spirit we can’t resist throwing you a lil’ lagniappe. We’d be remiss if we forgot to mention our all-time favorite spot in Cajun country: The Best Stop Supermarket.

From tasty boudin to fresh cracklins there’s a reason The Best Stop is consistently voted best of Acadiana. That’s no small order; there’s a lot of competition out there! We work seven days a week refining our recipes so that they always taste as good as possible. Best of all, if you ever get the envie for Cajun cuisine while you’re out of state, you can have any of our delicious food shipped right to your door.

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