The Cajun Ninja vs. The Best Stop’s Deboned Boudin Stuffed Chicken


Jason “The Cajun Ninja” Derouen knows his way around a Cajun kitchen. With just under 150,000 subscribers, Derouen’s YouTube channel features recipes and cuisines reviews from all over Cajun country. We sent the Cajun Ninja one of our favorite specialty items, our deboned boudin stuffed chicken to try. Check out the delicious results! 


The Cajun Ninja was already a fan of some of our more well-known products.

They’re very well known for their selection of meats, their boudin, their amazing cracklins, and smoked sausage. There’s a wide variety of things you can get down on at The Best Stop.   


We shipped our deboned boudin stuffed chicken to the Cajun Ninja frozen. We are able to ship all of our products to the lower 48 through our website. The frozen stuffed chicken will need to defrost before you are able to begin the cooking process. For best results, you should always allow meat to reach room temperature before cooking. 

It was shipped directly to my house frozen. I let it sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours so that way it could completely defrost. Let me tell you, the aromas coming off of this just from the seasoning are mouth-watering without even having to taste it.


One of the best things about this chicken is that it is a main dish and side item in one! Once thawed, the stuffed chicken just needs to be cooked in the oven at 375 degrees in a roasting tray or oiled baking tray for an hour and 15 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. After removal from the oven, the chicken should be golden brown with crispy skin.

Oh my gosh look at all that boudin! That looks so good. It’s got a nice little crispiness on the outside of the skin. I’m telling you, this shouldn’t be called chicken stuffed with boudin, it should be boudin wrapped in chicken


The exterior of our boudin stuffed chicken is seasoned with our Best Stop Cajun Seasoning which contains a mix of red pepper, black pepper, salt and paprika. This seasoning adds zest and flavor to meats, combining with their natural savory flavors. The result is an aromatic, mouth-watering experience. The chicken is tender and juicy with an elevated flavor from the seasoning. Our signature pork boudin provides a different taste and texture that compliments the chicken. As a Cajun meal, getting the most bang for your buck is essential. We say something is “stuffed”, we make sure it’s stuffed! 

Phew! Man, I was telling you guys about the aroma of this chicken earlier, before I put it in the oven, and now, oh my gosh, it smells amazing. And let me tell you, there is no shortage of boudin that has been stuffed into that chicken. I mean, to tell you the truth, I don’t know if they could fit another grain of rice in there. That is how much boudin has been stuffed into that chicken.

Those flavors hit a nostalgia in me, you know because I’ve eaten boudin since I was a kid and when I think of good boudin, that’s the flavor that comes to mind. You know it’s this tender pork, this very soft rice, really good spices and saltiness all blended in. It just melts in your mouth as you eat it. 

The chicken is just well-seasoned. What I love for this is that it’s not just a salty dish, there’s a really good kick to it. For me, it’s not so bad that I can’t handle it and I would think that for most people too. It just has that good authentic Cajun feel to it. It’s a meal fit for a Cajun. I feel like it releases endorphins and makes me real happy. 


I’ll tell you, kudos to them for calling themselves The Best Stop, I don’t know if I would say best on anything. I’m scared to say best on anything, but I’ll tell you this much, if you’re trying to figure out who the best is, you probably need to try The Best Stop within your realm of who you’re trying because you really won’t know until you give The Best Stop a try. Like I said, look them up! or if you’re within the Scott area around those regions, go ahead and hit up The Best Stop and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

We have no problem saying we have the best boudin in town, but we understand how it can be hard to take sides. We received high praise from the Cajun Ninja and look forward to seeing what he thinks of some of our other dishes. We can fix him up good-good! 

If you want to give our deboned boudin stuffed chicken a try, you can order one here

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