Your Guide to the Scott Boudin Festival


There are many things to celebrate in April, but here in Cajun Country it means the start of the festival season. From rice and frogs to music and crawfish, South Louisiana’s spring and summer months are filled with fun and music for the entire family. But, there’s one festival that’s particularly near and dear to our hearts right here in our hometown of Scott, Louisiana: The Boudin Festival.

For three days, visitors come from all over the nation to celebrate the Cajun delicacy that our city and store have become known for, and Scott becomes a hotspot for music, food and a whole lotta fun! If you’ve never been, we’re here to help give you a quick guide to festival livin’ to make sure you fest your best and have a great time!

Come Hungry

While boudin is the main event, there’s plenty more to the festival than everybody’s favorite link. You’ll typically find snacks, desserts and main courses that range from po-boys and burgers to funnel cakes and beignets at a number of booths located on the fairgrounds, so make sure to bring your appetite! We’ll even have our own booth there serving boudin and other goodies, so make sure you stop by and say hi!

Also, make sure to bring cash and keep it in a safe spot. A lot of the food and crafts booths don’t accept cards, which means keeping just a card on you could mean spending a lot of your festival time in line at an ATM or going hungry!

Stay Hydrated and Comfortable

While April isn’t typically the hottest time in South Louisiana, staying out all day can still take its toll, especially when you have little ones around. Sodas and adult beverages are fine in a pinch, but be sure to drink plenty of water.

Speaking of heat, while dressing to impress is never frowned upon, make sure your best outfit is breathable, lightweight and something you don’t mind cutting a rug in. There’s plenty of dancing and gallivanting to be had, and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable outfit ruining your afternoon or making it a short one!

And, speaking of outfits, make sure you’re keeping an eye on the weather forecast and bring an umbrella and shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty (or downright muddy). April is particularly known in South Louisiana for randomly raining every 10 minutes.

Keep it Clean

Festival organizers do a great job at making sure there are trash receptacles strategically placed throughout the festival grounds, so there’s really no excuse for tossing that can on the ground instead of where it belongs.

Also? No dogs or other pets unless they’re service animals. The festival has a strict no pets policy, so leave lil’ Rex at home, no matter how much they may love tappin’ their paws.

Consider Volunteering

Want an easy way to make friends or just want to help keep the Scott Boudin Festival great? Then consider donating a bit of your time to volunteering. The festival organizers always need help with ticket sales, vendor booths and more, so be a hero and lend a hand either for a full day or even for a single shift—it means a lot to everyone who works so hard to put the festival on!

With these tips, you’ll be ready and rarin’ to go for the festival. And, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, you’re in for a weekend filled with fun for all ages. The Scott Boudin Festival is the first weekend in April, so get ready to get down and we’ll see you there!

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