Touchdown-Worthy Eats: The Ultimate Game Day Menu

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Whether you’re watching a Saints, LSU or Ragin’ Cajuns game with the whole family, you’ll want some delicious Cajun snacks and classic fall meals to munch on at halftime.

At The Best Stop Supermarket, we ship products all over the US – which means even if you’re not in Cajun Country, you can still get your hands on the best specialty meats and Cajun ingredients!

No matter where you’re watching the game, here’s a roster of a few incredible Cajun eats that you can whip up at home to make game day extra special.

Cheesy Boudin Dip

Whether you choose to tailgate outdoors or sit around the TV in the living room, this delicious cheesy boudin dip recipe using The Best Stop boudin is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser – and it’s easy to make!

You’ll need three links of The Best Stop boudin, 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, and a pound of Velveeta cheese. Cube up the cheese and remove the boudin from the casing. Then, mix the boudin, cheese, and soup in a microwave-safe bowl. Pop it into the microwave for five minutes on high. Stir and repeat until the cheese is melted. Give it one final stir, and, then, serve it with chips or crackers.

Dark Roux Gumbo

Gumbo is a long-time classic on game day (and any other autumn or winter day). We take a classic approach with a dark roux, but there are some other twists that you can make on gumbo, too.

We recommend letting the gumbo simmer for a few hours. Be sure to stir it regularly so that you don’t let the gumbo on the bottom overcook. Oh, and don’t forget The Best Stop andouille sausage and marinated chicken when you’re tossing ingredients into the pot.

Game Day Chili

You can have a pot of chili cooking on the stove all day until the game comes on. The process is simple. Plus, you can choose any number of our fresh or smoked sausages to include as the protein. Slice up or remove sausage from the casing and mix it into a pot with chopped onions and garlic to brown. Then, add in some pinto beans, tomato sauce and tomato paste. Throw in some beef broth and dark beer, and then let it all simmer. To spice it up, you can also sprinkle in bay leaves and any of our Best Stop Cajun Seasonings.


One of the classic game day dishes we love to make is jambalaya. Our delicious andouille sausage is the perfect addition to this Cajun favorite. Throw some veggies and sliced sausage into a pot to brown, then add chicken broth and rice together and you’re set for the day. One big pot will feed the whole crew!


Sometimes, there’s the desire to eat a snack right out of the bag. At The Best Stop, we take great pride in the way that we make our cracklins. We have identified these as our “brown bag specials” and sell more than 2,500 pounds a day! If you’re ordering cracklin from outside of Louisiana you can still enjoy it fresh and hot – just defrost, lay out on a cookie sheet and pop them in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes!

Whatever you decide to eat on game day, we’re sure it will be delicious. When you’re shopping for Cajun ingredients, The Best Stop has got you covered. Be sure to visit our online store for all your Cajun specialty meat needs!




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