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Just like the original Best Stop in Scott, LA, we specialize
in creating premium Boudin and an array of Cajun specialty
meats. Our commitment to quality and authenticity sets us
apart, ensuring that each product captures the rich flavors
and traditions of Cajun cuisine.

Welcome to The Best Stop Cajun Market of Katy, Texas!


Welcome to The Best Stop Katy Texas, where the unique flavors of South Louisiana have found a new home deep in the heart of Texas. Our story is one of friendship, passion, and a shared love of Cajun food.

The Best Stop’s story began in the mid-80s, a challenging era for Louisiana’s economy. Lawrence Menard, affectionately known as Uncle Brud, and Robert Cormier, faced with the need for additional income, found themselves in a vacant parking lot in Scott, Louisiana. On November 1, 1986, The Best Stop Supermarket opened its doors, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Lawrence and Robert, dedicated and relentless, committed themselves seven days a week to develop and perfect their recipes. Their shared goal was as straightforward as it was profound – to provide Louisiana with the finest specialty meats while creating a brand that would make their families and community immensely proud. Three decades later, the Best Stop vision continues to thrive with help of passionate fans like John and Robbie bringing The Best Stop to new states and cities like Katy, Texas.



Best Stop Katy Franchise Owners and Their Families
Robbie Abrusley and John Mendell

Lifelong Friends Turned Franchise Partners


John Mendell and Robbie Abrusley, lifelong friends who met at the age of 11, forged a bond that remained unbroken throughout their college years as roommates and teammates on the UL golf team. Even when Robbie left Louisiana for Texas after college, the two stayed in touch and caught up when they traveled back and forth with John having family in Texas and Robbie in Louisiana.

John Mendell, born and raised in Lafayette, has Cajun culture running deep in his veins. A CPA by trade with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, John’s roots in Louisiana and his family ties to Texas set the stage for the Texan-Louisianan connection that fueled The Best Stop – Katy franchise.

On the other side of our partnership is Robbie Abrusley, a proud native of Oakdale in Central Louisiana. After college, he ventured into the world of real estate in Texas. About a decade later, he pursued the oil and gas industry to New Braunfels, TX, even joining up with John to create service businesses in the industry.


Like many who have ties to South Louisiana and Texas, Robbie  found himself at The Best Stop filling a cooler of boudin, cracklins and other Cajun specialty meats before making the trek back to Texas. On these trips he wished he could have the taste of Louisiana a little closer to home.

When Robbie heard that The Best Stop had franchise opportunities, he didn’t hesitate to share the venture with his lifelong friend and business partner. “I told John we have to do this, I don’t know what it’s going to take to do this, but we’ve got to do it. We saw the opportunity and just had to jump on it. And here we are, making it happen.”

Making Moves

Much like the family operation of the original Best Stop, The Best Stop – Katy has family ties as well. After the franchise plan was finalized, Robbie’s mother, Lavanda Abrusley, who owned her own restaurant for a short while in Texas, made plans to move to Katy, TX to help keep the business running day to day. Ms. Lavanda will be the go-to person for plate lunches and kitchen orders for The Best Stop – Katy. Her get things done attitude, restaurant knowledge, and signature sass makes her a winner for the role.

Best Stop Katy franchise owners with Best Stop Corporate

A Commitment to Quality Across State Lines

With the foundation of a lifelong friendship, family support and commitment to the quality of Cajun food that makes The Best Stop unique, The Best Stop – Katy has everything it takes to be the first franchise outside of Louisiana.

As we prepare to open our doors and officially bring The Best Stop to Texas, we invite the Katy community to join us in this new chapter. The Best Stop – Katy is more than just a place for savoring exceptional food; it’s a celebration of friendship, family, and taking a piece of our home somewhere new to share with others. Here’s to a bright future with good company, cherished traditions, and, of course, fantastic Cajun Specialty Meats!

Customer Reviews

I’m ready to mangé! Can’t wait!

Shanequa Z. J.

I’m so excited  the fact that I can get yummy authentic Cajun food close to home COMPLETES MY LIFE  Can you tell I’m a huge fan!

Shelby W.

Fresh cracklins and that boudin, y’all!!!!
Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim B.

Katy, TX

The Best Stop Supermarket has expanded to Katy, TX! No more trips to Scott for down-home Cajun-inspired groceries & take-out eats, including boudin & pork rinds. Stop by or give us a call to see what’s on the menu!

The Best Stop Katy

Address: 806 Katy Fort Bend Rd. Unit 400
Katy, TX 77493
Phone: 346-615-0700

Store Hours:
Mon – Sat: 6 am – 8 pm
Sun: 6 am – 6 pm

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