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We are thrilled for both visitors and locals to have access to
our award-winning Cajun specialty meats while enjoying the
luxuries of lake life. Are doors are open with the promise of
bringing the heart of Acadiana to the shores of Toledo Bend!

Welcome to The Best Stop Cajun Market in Toledo Bend!


Welcome to The Best Stop Toledo Bend, where the rich flavors of South Louisiana have made their way to the tranquil shores of Toledo Bend. Our story is one of dedication, community, and an appreciation for authentic Cajun cuisine.

In the mid-80s, a challenging era for Louisiana’s economy, Lawrence Menard, affectionately known as Uncle Brud, and Robert Cormier were looking for additional income. They found themselves in a vacant parking lot in Scott, Louisiana, discussing new possibilities. This deserted lot would soon become The Best Stop Supermarket.

On November 1, 1986, The Best Stop Supermarket opened its doors, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Lawrence and Robert, dedicated and relentless, committed themselves seven days a week to develop and perfect their recipes. Their shared goal was as straightforward as it was profound – to provide Louisiana with the finest specialty meats while creating a brand that would make their families and community immensely proud. Three decades later, the Best Stop vision continues to thrive with the help of passionate fans like Brannon and Kelly bringing The Best Stop to the locals and visitors of Toledo Bend.


Robbie Abrusley and John Mendell

From Humble Beginnings

Brannon and Kelly Mire, the owners of The Best Stop franchise in Toledo Bend, have deep roots in Louisiana. Brannon, originally from Judice, LA, graduated from Acadiana High School and has been involved in entrepreneurship from a young age, opening his first business at 21 years old.

Kelly, originally from Broussard, LA, attended Comeaux High School before moving to Upstate NY to finish high school and college. She later returned to Broussard and worked as a surgery nurse and assisted in the launch and growth of a private practice before retiring in 2020 to be a full-time grandmother. 

Growing up on his family’s farm in Judice, Brannon learned about the hard work that goes into feeding a family at a young age. “They raised all their own animals, from turkeys to pigs to chickens to everything,” Brannon remembers. “We’d actually get together and butcher sheep or whatever we were eating. And everybody had their job, even the kids.”

The farm is also where Bannon developed his appreciation for unique foods and the craft of meat and food processing. “I was always intested when my grandpa was cutting the meat and learning what cut comes from where and how the whole process works from the field to the table.”

Though the farm was self-sufficient in providing meats, the intensive labor involved made prepared foods an occasional luxury. Brannon fondly recalls, “From the beginning, it was a treat for my dad to go to The Best Stop and actually get boudin and meats to bring back to us,” says Brannon, thinking back on his earliest memories of The Best Stop.

Cajun Country to Lake Life

Like many folks in South Louisiana who visit Toledo Bend for fishing, boating, and to relax, Brannon frequented Toledo Bend from a young age. “My first love is food and my second is fishing. I’ve always loved Toledo Bend, I’ve been going there since I was a kid. We went fishing for vacation, we didn’t go to the beach.” 

As an entrepreneur, seeing the opportunity to be a part of The Best Stop family was too good to pass up. “One day I was on a sales call in Scott, so I had to stop at The Best Stop. When I pulled in I saw a big sign that said ‘Now Franchising’. I called Kelly right there and that’s how it got started.” With little convincing, Kelly agreed to come out of retirement to franchise with The Best Stop.

The couple then made their move to Toledo Bend. “It’s kind of like a dream come true for both of us, because I wanted to be in Toledo Bend.” says Brannon.

Best Stop Katy franchise owners with Best Stop Corporate

Supporting the Community

The Best Stop franchise in Toledo Bend is perfectly situated to meet the growing demand for authentic Cajun foods, particularly among visitors and retirees from South Louisiana. Brannon and Kelly are eager to serve their new community and provide an opportunity for visitors to forgo the need to pack a Best Stop ice chest before traveling to Toledo Bend. 

“We’re excited to become a regular part of the Toledo Bend experience.” 

As Brannon and Kelly open their doors, they do so with the promise of bringing the heart of Acadiana to the shores of Toledo Bend. They invite you to join them in celebrating the joy of good food and good company.

Welcome to The Best Stop in Toledo Bend – where you can kick back and relax on the lake with the taste of South Louisiana!

Customer Reviews

Can’t wait to finally have plenty of delicious meat’s to choose from
instead of the market’s they provide us with.

I will be spending all my money at v’all store when I go shopping for meat.

Yes indeed! Excited to have y’all in the community. Y’all will be a great
fit in Toledo-towne.

Toledo Bend, La

The Best Stop Supermarket has expanded to Toledo Bend! No more trips to Scott for down-home Cajun-inspired groceries & take-out eats, including boudin & pork rinds. Stop by or give us a call to see what’s on the menu!

The Best Stop Toledo Bend

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Mon – Sat: 6 am – 8 pm
Sun: 6 am – 6 pm

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